October 17, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, 10/17/09

A cold front came in yesterday and it was wonderfully cool outside; 58 deg.f and to make things even better, it's not raining.

I had three yardsales marked from the paper and found several more.

  • 8 purse patterns (for me; not my shop).   I still plan on making purses (someday)
  • 2 Cigar Boxes  .. I'm thinking I'll turn these into Treasure Boxes for Lilly (store junk jewelry for when she's abit older.
  • A set of bamboo purse handles
  • A pack with 2 different laces
  • 6 cards of vintage buttons
  • A package of thread (The thread is okay, but mostly small wood spools, which is what I wanted)
  • A package of glass globs ... great colors for solder experiments.
  • A whole stack of bags (which I'll put in the art/craft show supply box).
  • 5 pieces of fabric (for those purses I'm going to make someday)
  • 1 Scrabble Game.  I'll pull out letters 'A I M E E' for the bracelet I'm making for our neice for Christmas.  The rest of the letters go to inventory, the letter holders to 'blocks inventory' and the game will either go to the wall or I'll recreate as a piece of wall art for Lilly's room. 
  • A couple bracelets with charm pieces and a leaf broach ... for inventory

Thats it ...

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