October 20, 2009

Alot of Simplicity & McCalls Patterns

Two weeks back I was at a yard sale in Abita Springs and came across 6 boxes of sewing pattens (this is like deja-vu .. same time last year).  I'm sitting on the driveway going through them ... looking for purse patterns (I really am going to sew purses ... someday).   The woman came over, and after abit of negotiation, and a trip to the money machine, I bought all 6 boxes.   Ya, Crazy, I know.     (The picture represents about 3/4 of a box)

I'm guessing there's somewhere around 400 patterns here.  They date between 1999 and 2004 and, interestingly enough, they are all in 'new' condition.  Not a single pattern is cut.  I've now been through them all, and yep, there were about 30 patterns that were either for purses, or contained purses, so I'm happy about that.    There are also dozens and dozens of really cute things that I'd love to make ... if only I were a seamstress, or interested enough to become one. 

So, alot of my time these days is spent processing patterns.   A very slow task:

Put all the patterns in numerical order (to acknowledge duplicates)
Take Pictures front & back
Process the pictures in Photoshop
List them (one by one) in my Artfire Supply Shop. 

Although I charge $5.00 per pattern, I'm sure the processing time would work out to be less than minimum wage .... Oh well ... I did get those 30 purse patterns !

So, if you are a Seamstress, come on over and check out my patterns !

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