October 20, 2009

Art Guitars : Painting In Progress

I've been dabbling with these abit here and there over the last two days.   It's dappling, because, since I have the paints out, I'm also working on more painted pages and 6 sets of placemats.  Needless to say, the studio is back to disaster zone .... work on this, set aside to dry and work on the next thing; set aside to dry ... over and over again times about 12.    It's alot of fun. 

So, added some poetry / writings to each of the guitar using a black permenant marker.   Then, brought out the stamps and a variety of paint colors and stamped them up.  

At this stage, I'll seperate them and work them seperately as each may take a different design angle.   So, they'll be set up on the workbench, perhaps a couple; maybe more while I decide on the rest of the individual design features that will give them unique personality. 

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