November 01, 2009

The incredible art of Karal Soto

I had the recent pleasure of making acquaitance with Karal Soto, who is the artisan of Sotocap Mania.   Karal creates minature wearable art pieces within the shell of bottle caps.    I have way too many 'little things' hanging around here, and decided to send a few off to her to experiment with.     Well, she so honored me by creating and sending me two pieces in which she incorporated two of the materials ... one a small mardi gras face (which she completely changed the look by adding the tiny hat, and the second, a minature bell, which hangs on the Chrismas Ornament.

These are so delightful !   The precision and details are perfect and, although they look fragile and, certainly, more than sturdy for 'objects of jewelry'.

Check out Sotocap Mania ... such creativity should not be missed !

1 comment:

sotocapmania said...

Thank You Lorrie for taking an interest in my art
I appreciate you promoting it also...what can I say, well for starters....U ARE Terrific, Awesome, A Supporter,wishing you continued success in all your ventures...Mahalo Nui Loa, Karal