November 01, 2009

Leroy, My Beloved Laptop, has Returned Home

Well, as luck would have it, the replacement part was lost in the mail, and the shop, Computer Troubleshooters, were not overly concerned.    Apparently, their entire concept of service being, when the part arrives, we'll fix it.  They also don't work on Saturdays.   So, in a way, they have the customer held hostage.   Since you have to pay $59. to get it estimated, (reduced from your bill when you get it fixed), you can't just become fustrated and walk off with your equipment.   So, 12 days later the part finally shows up (I don't really believe it was lost in the mail; probably just didn't get ordered ... I ship many items and nothing gets lost in the mail).    And, to make a sad situation happy ... Leroy is home and fixed.    Yaaa ... No more big clunky chair, but pure comfort of the couch !!! 

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