November 22, 2009

The Market @ Chenier

The Chenier (a mixed use development of retail and apartments in a nice park type environment) invited me (along with about 40 other vendors) to participate in the first annual Market at Chenier.   The price to attend was just $20, and it very close to home, so I agreed.

The morning came in on the cool side, and quite damp from rains the day before.  The show times were 12noon to 4pm.  I got everything ready on Saturday afternoon, and around 11am we hauled it alldown the street and set up.   After set-up, Beau went back home ... the Saints playing at noon and I didn't really think I'd need help.

A fair number of folks came through for a Sunday afternoon (on which the Saints were on TV), but no one was experiencing much in the line of sales ... me included.    After the 4 hours, I'd had only two sales.   A bit of a disappointment, but I must say that I met a few interesting folks, made a potential friend in a candle seller next door to me. 

By 3:30, I'd become downright chilled and my dearest Beau returned to help me break it all down and pack up the car.    In an attempt to cheer me up, he took me to Georges for mexican food and a few margaritas.   I'm a bit of a lightweight (having not drank much in a number of years), and after 3 drinks, went home, crawled into my PJ's and snoozed on the couch the rest of the evening ....

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