December 11, 2009

Christmas presents in Progress

I have 6-8 presents that I plan to make this year.    A couple days back, I started on the first of the lot, a big messenger bag for our neice, Shannon.   Shannon is a remarkable young lady and I wanted the bag to be something other than the norm.   I also wanted it to be something big that she could haul stuff around in ...and thus, a messenger bag.   It's a very simply pattern, but was quite time consuming sewing on all the little bits and pieces.  Here's the front and the back ... it's also detailed under the flap and has three pockets on the inside for the smaller stuff.   I think she'll like it.

I'd picked up some bright green tulle the other day to complement the dark green I already had to make a Tutu for Lilly.   Her momma told me that green is her favorite color.   The tulle strands vary between 5 and 8" on this piece and I stitched the tulle at the bottom of the elastic and I thought she might work at untieing the pieces (which wasn't necessary for Stella's piece).     She will be absolutely adorable in this (not that she's not adorable anyway).

Several weeks ago I decided I was going to make Aimee a charm bracelet ... purple and gold beads for her favorite team and her name in Scrabble letters.   I'd purchased the beads and then set them aside.   Actually, I set them aside so well that when I went to pull out everything to start the bracelet last week, I couldn't find them.     Beau kept suggesting I just go buy some more, which I finally did on Wednesday.   And, or course, when I pulled everything out this afternoon, I found the original beads .... I'll pull out the findings tomorrow and put this one together. 

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