December 12, 2009

Rain Day

Today I was supposed to put up my tent and participate in the Northshore Art Market in Covington.    But, it was cancelled yesterday with the projection of 100% rain, weather in the low 50s and wind gusts.   Not great weather for an art market and it was cancelled ... the $50. fee will carry over into January.

So, we spent the day tucked inside.   Yesterday was my birthday and my present from Beau was a new 6' cabinet (with doors to hide the mess).   He sure knows the way to my heart ... doors; to hide the virtual mess.   He put it together for me and I spent part of the afternoon organizing to fill it up.    Tomorrow he's going to cut me a couple more shelves and on Monday I'll pick up more shelf pegs.  I love it.

I also put together the bead sets and completed Aimee's bracelet.    Originally I put on Scabble letters spelling her name, but it didn't look right ... the pendants being to chunky and just didn't lay nicely.   So, removed them and added in a few silver trinkets ... stars, a phone, windows and such.     I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope that she'll like it (particularly since I don't really know what her taste in accessories are).

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