December 01, 2009

Destroying a Book Just Feels So Wrong

I was cleaning out the bookshelf in my studio and came across this particular book .. 505 Quilt Blocks by Bettern Home and Gardens; something I obviously picked up at some yardsale.    After a glance through, saw a couple patterns that seemed fun ... perhaps to put on a jacket or a purse, or something ....  

I started thinking about transferring a couple to graph paper to enlarge, when inspiration struck.   Why don't I just scan these into my computer, then to a disk where I can print them to any size I want and just cut apart.  

So, I pulled the scanner out of the closet and set it up in my room.   Then, as I played with other things in my room, I went back and forth on the moral dilemna ... Destroying a Book Just Feels So Wrong.    It makes it worthless, and can no longer enjoyed with a cup of coffee or shared with a friend.   Then, the other side of reason said, heck, I paid my money; who cares.   And, back and forth and back and forth.    In the end, 'who cares' won out and I pulled out the box cutter and ripped out the binding.   

Now, for the next couple days, each time I pass the scanner, I'll feed through another page until all 505 images are appropriately captured.   Then, I'll list the book on FreeUse.   Perhaps someone around here would like to have a broken down quilt pattern book.      Sure hope I use at least a couple of these.

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