December 01, 2009

What should be done with those 'not so good' pieces of art / projects

Another moral dilemna, what should be done with bad art?   You know, those pieces that started out with the grandest of ideas and then just didn't turn out as intended.    I know I've had my fair share and assume most everyone who creates (whatever it is they create) also have their share.  

I had this idea; I'd create small paper collages depicting New Orleans street signs, on pieces of slate that came from the Nature Center.  Then, I mosaic clear glass over the tops and drill holes for hanging.    And, so I proceeded ... start to finish ... the vision leading me on.    And then, when they were finished, all 12 of them, I lined them all up for a couple photos. 

BUT, the colors and design of the paper collage didn't jump through the glass in a clear and concise way.   In fact, on a few, the street names weren't really discernable.    THIS WAS NOT MY VISION.  But, there were still my pieces of art.   They were not only not good enough to consider selling, I wasn't even interested in hanging them on my own walls.   But yet, it also didn't seem right to haul them out and toss them in the trash; after all, resources, materials and time were invested.      So, I wrapped them up and stuck them in a cabinet to get them out of my way while I decided what to do with them.  

Well, it's been abit over 5 years and I just so happened to get into that cabinet today (for something else), and, of course, they are still there.    Such a dilemna ... they don't look any better than when I put them there.   So, after a long dinner discussion, Beau helped me reach a decision.   I'm going to give them to Gran's Attic (the local Thrift Shop that helps those that need help with their proceeds).   Let them decide whether to put them in their shop to sell for a dollar or two; or perhaps throw out themselves.   I'll never have to know. 

Like I've said before ... just because it's handmade doesn't mean its any good ; let alone art.

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paula said...

i can relate to this. taking the time to make something, let alone with something 'valuable' in the sense of one of kind resources etc. is a challenge when it doesn't match your vision. i like how you have decided to resolve this. someone will find them and like them, i have to believe that!