December 17, 2009

Next Blog ... Please

Of late, I've become enthralled with the 'Next Blog' button.   You know, that one on the top Blogger Tool bar on the left ... Next Blog.    Sometimes I'll spend a hour or two at a time just doing the 'Next Blog' thing just to see what comes up.    Recently I discovered the Blogger made a change whereas it somehow decides what category your blog is and then when you press the 'Next Blog' you will be taken to blogs of similar type.     Which brings me to wonder, just what is it in my blog that thinks I'm a scrapbooker or a quilter because that is largely what I receive.   But, periodically, among all this, surprises will pop up.

Favorite photo of the day ..  This is a photo of yarn that has been hand-dyed by a group of toddlers and is drying over ALOT of snow in Alaska.   Such contrast on context.   Here's the link to the whole story, by Wendy of  'Something for Sophie.  

The second piece that caught my interest was a post, article really, by Hilary Pfeifer, which she calls Something to Think About.  This is an excellent piece regarding art and music and perceptions.   If you have the time, or inclination, it's a 'must read'.    As a result, I'm going to make an effort to more often stop and took a better look at what's going on around me.

I'll let you know how it goes ....


Lil said...

thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I hope to go back as soon as we are able and the orphanage lets us.

Lil said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. We hope to go back to the orphanage as soon as we can- as soon as they let us. Probably in the spring. They have said they don't want visitors due to the swine flu.