December 18, 2009

Christmas Presents continued ....

 At Thanksgiving, I asked my 12 year old nephew if he liked Jewelry and he hold me 'he hadnt been introduced to it yet'.   Such a great answer for a young man his age.   I'd asked as I was thinking he was a good age to give simple jewelry pieces for Christmas, and his answer confirmed that.  

I saw these beads last week at Hobby Lobby and thought they might be a good fit for him.  The have the feel and look of rock, but they are lightweight, so I assume some type of resin.   When I got them home, however, I realized the hole was much to small to string on a leather cord and was about ready to discount the whole idea, when it dawned on me ... I could re-engineer them with a solder rim.     So, I soldered three ... One from my nephew, one for Alex best friend Paul, and one (still lacking the cord), which I'm donating to Grans.

I hope they will be liked.    

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paula said...

and did they? what a cool thing to give to a nephew, or ANYONE for that matter!