December 24, 2009

New Look 6391 ; A Purse Pattern

I've been putting away all the little beads and findings; they were interesting but really, enough is enough.     I'm not sure what I'll do with all of it ... maybe a now and then thing; maybe not. 

I've decided to make a couple more purses.   I want to get a little sewing experience before I start experimenting with fiber arts and purses seem as good a place as any to start.  It's also, potentially, a bit productive.   I can always find someone who would like a purse, a family member, Grans Thrift Shop, etc.

Pulled out pattern New Look 6391 and a selected  green plaid fabric for the outside and a yellow for the inside, along with a few pieces of braid and ribbon.   This one was easy; three parts.   And, what did I learn?  Well, when sewing ribbons, it's a good idea to change out to matching threads each time so that any non-straight lines will not be so apparent. 

It looks better than in the photo; poor lightly and plaids don't photo well ...  

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