December 28, 2009

Concrete is calling me

Recently while reading in the Self Taught Artist Blog I came across this incredible picture of concrete faces on the side of a wall.   They called to me.   I set them as a background image on my laptop and look at them frequently.  Paula captured their feel wonderfully in her photograph. 

This lone picture started me to thinking of concrete; a concrete longing you may say.   Just when I thought those days were over.    Now, I'm surrounded by concrete art that I created between 2001 and 2005.    The thing about all my concrete art was I had no interest in marketing or selling it ... just creating more.   It became an obsession for quite awhile.   The 'I Wonder' and 'What if' syndrome.   So, when one piece was finished and I needed the space to start the next, I simple moved it to the yard; plenty of space out there.   And, so it went.   And, its still there; partof the landscape and for the most part, something I mostly don't even notice.  

But, as I was saying, concrete thoughts started again with the site of Paula's photo.   Calling me.   I finally gave up, and stopped by Home Depot last week and headed to the concrete/mortar department.   It was like 'ole home' week.   I went up and down the aise a couple times looking at all the choices and decided on ONE 60 pound bag of topping mix.      Beau just smiled when I got home and offered to haul it to the shed for me.

I want to create some more faces, however, must have a full day open to do so.   Sandcast the mortar, let it set a couple hours and sculpt.   But, there's been holiday and/or family obligations almost every day and I'm still waiting for the window of available, uninterrupted time.   

I can hear it; concrete calling. 

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paula said...

i'm really enjoying seeing all of this work! so much life and movement..color, shape. WOW! i'd say keep doing it if you have room :) seriously, its wonderful!