January 14, 2010

He Loves Me, Not, ... A Purse

I bought Beau a new computer chair for Christmas. A tall, regal, comfortable, ergonomic kinda chair, built for the King (he is to me). And thus, the old chair was immediately relegated to the garage. I'd posted an add in FreeUse to get rid of it, and didn't receive one response. (Something wrong with that; a perfectly good chair at a perfectly free price and not one response !). So, yesterday, I stuck it in the back of the Explorer, and hauled it off to the Habitat Thrift/Restore. And, of course, while I was there, had to have a look around; I need a few books for upcoming vacation.

Well, I selected one book, and on my way out, these three dinner napkins with the adorable daisies caught my eye.   U-Turn; and gosh, they are new; never been used.   Now, we don't use cloth dinner napkins, but they called me, and for $1., what the hell.

By nightfall I'd decided they would become a purse.  And, since I didn't want to try to make the small amount fit a pattern; I pulled a sheet of newspaper from the recycle bin and made one of my own.

Returned to it this morning, and since I couldn't seem to get past that 'He Love Me, He Loves Me Not' aspect of the daisies; decided to just go with and added in the writings.   Then out came some ribbons.   As I was laying them, I kept thinking ... I wasn't looking for cute.   But Cute just kept happening, so, against my better judgement, I let it.  I added some highlights with fabric markers to 6 of the daisies on each side.   After putting it all together I added a ruffley type fringe at the top, which I didn't like.   So, I removed it and replaced it with some blue ribbon, which didn't lay quite correctly, so I removed it and redid the blue ribbon.  But, still didn't like it and took it off (again) and simply stitched the top.

Done.   Not what I originally though, but certainly cute.   I'm adding it to the accumulating plastic box of bags.

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Libby Fife said...

It is cute like you said. Maybe a little girl would be the right candidate for the purse? A grown woman with a sense of whimsy? There is usually a purse for every person:)