January 12, 2010

Puerto Rico Sun, my third messenger bag

Beau and I married in November '91 and took a cruise out of Puerto Rico for our honeymoon.   After the cruise, we sat in the Puerto Rico airport for several hours awaiting our flights.   We took turns shopping and/or watching the carryon luggage.    Of the things I purchased was a bathing suit coverup, with the Puerto Rico sun face.  Fast forward 19 years and last week I was cleaning out my closet and came across this, almost vintage, garmet.   Two problems ... it has a stain around tummy level, and two, it's doubtful that it will ever fit again anyway.  But, I still love the Puerto Rico Sun emblem.    Instead of tearing up for the rag bag, I moved to my studio for further consideration.

So, let's see.   I picked the same messenger bag pattern I used for Shannon's Christmas bag, selected some fabrics, some lace, some ornaments and played around until I decided on these combinations.   Stitched it all together and ta-da .... the Puerto Rico Sun Messenger Bag!.

 What am I going to do with it.   I don't know and, at this stage, I feel perfectly comfortable with that.   Literally, it now resides in a big plastic box with the other recent attempts, under one of the studio tables. 

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paula said...

i love how your mind works!!!!
and i still can't get your rss feed to work in my google reader :(