January 03, 2010

This & That

Yesterday, after much contemplation (like 4 or 5 months worth), I decided to face the reality that I'll never be a size 8, 10, or perhaps even 12, again, and cleaned my closet.   This is the closet, that in addition to all the hanging stuff, has a trunk, several boxes and one large suitcase filled with clothes of one type or another.   If it was smaller than a 12; gone.   So, after 4 hours, 3 cups of coffee and one chick flick partially watched on TV, I dragged out 7 (30 gal) garbage bags filled.      Just a little over half done.    All the hanging items, small boxes on shelves and shoes are all that remain.

But today, my dedication to task wanned and the only involvement with closet cleaning that seemed in the immediate future was loading yesterdays cast-offs into the Explorer (I'll drop them off at Grans tomorrow).

So today, I half heartedly watched the Saints loose a football game and played in my Studio.

I started a cluth purse a couple days back that was to have great red fringe and blue beads; but I wasn't liking the way the clutch part was coming out and added in some handles.    I envisioned a type of mixed media thing here, but I'm way off.    I can clearly see out of the box, I just can't seem to get there.

Then I started picking up (putting away) the yard sale items from yesterday and one of the chains caught my eye.   I'm not sure if the original intent was necklace or belt, but boring is certainly in the mix.    So, I took it apart, then played a couple games of mahjong.   Then I cleaned it with Tarnex and soapy water, and played a couple more games of mahjong.    Then I put it back together, but differently using all the same parts, except for a new clasp.     Perhaps not more interesting, but definitely different.   So, the big question; what am I going to do with it?   I don't want to be a jewelry marker; this was a whim.   Perhaps another donation to Grans.

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