January 29, 2010

Vacation, Day 7: Key West to Maimi Lakes

Over the last two days, we've met a variety of folks who are a part of the renouned snowbirds.   They come from cold country, live in RV's and spend 3 - 4 months a year in Key West.   Even though we do not come from actual cold country, it's easy to see how it could move from a dream to a reality.   (Particularly if I had room to bring some of my art/craft stuff).    But, reality is reality and it was time for us to move on ... we have to be in Fort Lauderdale for Sunday at noon.  So, we packed up, filled the car with gas and headed on out.   

The Florida Keys are incredible, each mile bringing a new sight, which almost always includes water.   If you've not been here and get the chance, I highly recommend the experience.
As I drove by, I thought "are those bikes?".   So, I as soon as I could, I turned around and came back.   Yep, a bike sculpture.    How fun is that!    I' say it stood about 10' tall and 15' wide.  

The view from an old bridge that has been turned into a fishing pier.   In many places, birds line the electrical wires.

Some type of Lilly outside a library, where we stopped because a sign advertised a book sale.   (One should never pass a book sale).
The primary stop ws in Florida City (Homestead), at theEverglades, Royal Palms Visitor Center and Trails.    We watched a couple films in the visitor center and quickly had our misinterpretation of what the Everglades are ... no more thinking of them as swamps and then started out on a couple small hikes ... the most active being the Royal Palms Trail.


 This is an incredible area and we've already started talking about coming back in a couple years and spending most of a vacation here.   

Then, back to the car and drove just above Miami to an area called Miami Lakes.   Of what I've seen, I'm mostly looking forward to leaving.   Which will be fine as this was just a place to spend the night.   Art show and museum in Fort Lauderdale planned for tomorrow. 


paula said...

ha..i'm a mountain person for sure and would feel a little anxious being around all that water...but i can see you are having a great time and love living vicariously through this vacation :)

Liz Curtin said...

Love the bike sculpture. Very cool.