January 28, 2010

Day 6: Another Day in Key West

It is still windy (20 - 25 knots), but the sun is shining brightly and the weather is going to a high in the upper 70's, degF.   Certainly nothing to complain about.

Although it's warm, the water temperature is quite cold, and for many of us (like Beau & I), that is eliminating the water sports that are so prevalent here.    No way I'm swimming in the gulf, jet skiing, snorkeling or anything else that involves putting my body in the cold weater.   And, no way I'm putting on anything that resembles a wet suit .... if they even come in my size !      So, the day was a bit of a repeat of yesterday. 

  • Breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes), because it's right next door.  Their portions are way to large and if you eat it all, you can feel quite lousy.   So we were smarter and ate only half.   I suppose, if we'd been real smart we would have decided on one and shared. 
  • Sat by the hotel pool, it's lovely and has it own little tiki bar.   Beau's loves reading and I'm working on little colored pencil drawings for upcoming fiber projects.
  • Nap and shower
  • Off to town.   The main street Duval is quite divided, one end is fairly decent with nice shops and galleries, the other end is abit skanky with lurid teeshirts, cheap jewelry and folks trying to coax you into bars with 2 for 1 specials.  (Kind of like being in New Orleans French Quarter, which we seldom do at home).  
  • We explored some side streets, looing at the forts and how the local lives, and the incredible amount of street art.  
  • Happy hour at Kelly's again.   And yes, thats where we went yesterday and we should have tried somewhere else, but their Wings and Key Pie Margaritas are just sooooo good.  We did better; ate and drank much less.
  • Drove just up from the Southernmost point and walked on the beach and piers.   
  • Picked up Quiznos sandwiches, which we ate on our room balcony, which has a wonderful view of the ocean.     We had hoped to partake of local foods/restaurants, however, had difficulty 1) finding them, and 2) the couple we found, parking is non-existent.  It appears that the majority of the locals ride bikes and mopeds ... parking is a premium ..  

I'm glad we came here.   Beau had a great suggestion.   Tomorrow morning we pack up and had back to more Northern Points.   Believe the goal for tomorrow night is Ft. Lauderdale .... a couple things going on there, and of course, that's where our Carnival ship is sailing on Sunday afternoon.
There ae literally dozens of art statues, paintings on side of buildings and color ... natural and art inspired, everywhere.

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