January 27, 2010

Vacation - Day 5: Key West

The sky is clear, the sun is shining and the temperature is sitting nicely around 70.   It's quite windy; wind blowing between 20-25 knots.   (wonder why wind is measured in knots in southern florida ... in New Orleans the measurement is MPH).   The wind hasn't been much of a factor, however, in that the building and plantings form exceptional wind breaks.

We carried out our simple day 5 plan.
  • Breakfast at IHOP
  • Reading & Drawing by the pool with mango daquiries
  • Nap
  • Shopping on Duval Street
  • Happy Hour at Kelly's with key lime margaritas and platters of wings
  • Take in the sunset and market square (lots of local street acts)
  • Dinner (which we didn't need and hardly ate after all the drinks and wings)
  • Sitting by the pool and room balcony (we are not that big on night life)
  • sleep it all off and get ready for tomorrow

A telephone pole on Duval St. covered with staples of the many communications that have been posted.
 These type of signs always get me in an uproar.   Time and history measured only in terms of when the Europeans reach the U.S.   No sense considering that the native indians had been drinking water from this area for centuries before the Pirates made the claim (and probably killed off most the locals).   I'm sure Beau is quite thankful we saw this before I started on my 5 margaritas.

Street prop ... 

Another street prop posing with my dear DH

Sunset from the very end of the United States

Daily Mascot.   Wherever we go seems like there is always a mascot standing by to be photographed.   I always like to think of this as their jobs.   You know, Bird A has the 1-2pm shift, next bird, 2-4pm, etc. etc. etc., under the job title of 'tourist entertainment'.

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