January 26, 2010

Vacation - Day 4: Fort Myers to Key West

Nothing, except perhaps dinner, appealed to us in Fort Myers so we decided to bypass looking around; loaded up the car and moved on down the road. 

I'd call the drive SENSORY OVERLOAD.   I've never been near the Everglades before and the scenery was everychanging ... second by second.  Marsh, water, birds, trees, palms, flowers, bridges ... on and on and on.   So much to look at going by the window that it was hard to really appreciate any single thing.    Beau was driving, and he'd say, if there's anything you want to stop (which would be pull over on the side of the road) let me know.   But, by the time you could get out the request, the site was gone and being replaced by yet another.   So, for the most part, very few pictures were taken.   I'll be doing the driving out so I'll have the control on how fast we are going and when to stop.

I was able to make reservations at The Inn at Key West (for three nights). After several days in and out of the car, it's great to be staying somewhere for a couple days.   This is a wonderful hotel, huge rooms and great ocean view.  They are quite accomodating .... notice the extra delivery of beer, for Beau.  Spent a couple hours wandering Duval Street (reported to be the hotspot), where they have alot of shops, art, alcohol and food.    We ate dinner at Jimmy Buffetts Margarvitaville (Beau loves Jimmy Buffett music and we've eaten at a variety of them) which  was a thumbs down event; perhaps the worst service we've experienced in the last year.    We'll go back tomorrow (to Duval St, not Margaritaville); I like to look at the art, Beau likes to watch the people and we both like to eat and drink.  

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