January 25, 2010

Vacation, Day 3

I'm a pretty big fan of Salvidor Dali.   Beau had picked up a flier at the border indicating there is a Salvadore Dali Museum in St Peterseburg ... which was quickly added to our Monday list. 

Cost was $25 for the two of us (Beau gets that great senior discount), which was money well spent.     We arrived right at the start of the tour, which was given by a well spoken gentlemen.     Our guide gave us a great deal of history and insite into Dali and pointed out holograms and optical illusions that, honestly, we never would have caught on our own.   Apparently this is the largest collection outside of Spain.  If you are even in St. Petersberg, I'd mark this as a highly recommend!

From there, we headed South with the idea that we'd go to Sanibel Island and look for shells, browse a few shops.   The three hour drive was a pleasant, but quite windy, drive.   Arrived in Sanibel, all ready to do the stoup, to find there were no rooms available ... WHAT ... it's a weekday in January.   So we called Comfort Inn and picked up a room reservation in Ft. Myers.    Arrived at our hotel, it's nearing 6pm now, and I'm getting a bit cranky.  The A/C didn't work in our room, so we requested another.  Moved to that room to find it was two double beds; not what we had in mind, so again was moved to another room, where the electric didn't work in half the room.  WRONG.   So we went back to the lobby where I helped the woman understand she was refunding our credit card and we were leaving.     Checked into another hotel, which was much better.  A little barbecue for dinner and an ultra-slow wi-fi connection.  I'm still abit cranky, but tomorrows another day and I'll start fresh.

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