January 24, 2010

Vacation, Day 2

We had the day planned, we were going to visit the Maclay Gardens to get a small bit of exercise and see acres of camellias in bloom, then to the Natural Bridge Battlefield, because Beau is a history buff, then a jaunt through the Mary Brogan Museum of Art, where there is a Kinsey exhibit in progress.   But, we woke to a very steady rain.   So, it was a quick replan of the entire day, since the Museum didn't open until 1pm on Sunday.

So we drove down to Micanopy, bypassing Gainesville  (an avid LSU fan cannot be seen hanging around there), where we spent a couple hours browzing around in the shops and such.  I purchased a wonderful handmade art hairclip and a stone choker for our son. Then, down to Ocala for some lunch and a visit to a rather dumpy, but quite huge, flea market.    We bypassed the vendor sections and wandered the aisles of individuals selling their misc. junk ... woops, stuff.    We don't have these type of events in our community; suppose we are too uppity or something.

Halted the day in Tampa and checked into our hotel.    The Saints/Viking Game was a must see and we parked our behinds at the bar of Outback Steak House, where we ate, drank and cheered on The Saints.

Rick Rack:  I picked up 14 packs of Rick Rack at the flea market for 10 cents a pack.   Couldn't beat the price and it seemed a fun thing to do.   It reminded me of 2 years ago when we were at my sisters in Powell and I found Rick-Rack in her sewing room and gave her a bunch of s**t about it.   Rick-Rack is a memory of Mom.   Our mother, who is she hadn't had to figure out how to raise four of us kids on minimum wage would have been a fashion designer.   Mom could design and sew us cute, and sometimes remarkable dresses, and then ruin the entire thing by adding in rows of rick-rack for decoration.    I've been on an Rick-Rack revolt for years.    And, some of ths batch may date back to then ... a couple are showing the original price of $0.13.   Here's thinking of you Mom.  

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