January 23, 2010

Vacation, Day 1

While drinking my morning coffee, I decided to watch part of a  'Elvis Costello, Spectacle with Bruce Springsteen' that I'd tivo'd a few days back.    As usual, I was more reading and doing other things than watching, but one phrase caught my attention .... "It wasn't what I was expecting".    I've been thinking about this for the majority of the day.    Just what was I expecting?    Was this what I was going to be, where I was going to live, what I was going to look like .....  Or, is this simply my present and I should be figuring out what I'm expecting for the future?    Thanks alot Elivs & Bruce.

The first day of our vacation, is usually about getting somewhere .... moving on down the road.   And, that we did.   Today we left Mandeville (just a sneeze north of New Orleans) and drove to Tallahassee, FL.    Usual first day travel  ... appreciated some tile work in a bathroom at the Mississippi border and watched some birds have a fight in an Oak tree, collected dozens of fliers at the Florida border visitor center, lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, book shopping at Barnes & Noble, a stroll through a mall, Dinner at Subway because we weren't very hungry after the large lunch, and a night of each others company at the local Comfort Inn, where we'll start making our plans for tomorrow .... either Gainesville or Tampa.  

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