April 29, 2010

Love Bug Dress

Last time Lilly visited, she was drawn to one of the pieces of fabric sitting on a side table.   She brought it to me a couple times.   So, after she went home I selected one of the patterns from my Mostly Pattern Shop, and put together this little dress.  I selected a piece of corresponding blue fabric for the chest pocket and wrote in 'Love Bug' with pearlized fabric paint.

I must confess, this is the first dress I've sewn from scratch in at least 15 years.  Although it is certainly not a masterpiece, it's bright and colorful and fits her just fine.

1 comment:

Gypsy said...

Hi, Love the dress it looks so cute on her, you did a great job. Keep up the good work. I am wanting to buy your Simplicity pattern 7741, Please say you will post it to Australia for me. Cheers Gypsy