April 29, 2010

Locals Thursday; New Orleans Jazz Fest

Another perfect weather day for The Jazz Fest; Overcast, windy and in the mid 70's (Versus most years of Sunny, 90 degs and dripping humidity).

First stop, the Blues tent for Coco Robicheax.   Coco is somewhat of a local, he frequently comes up on our CD player and we always enjoy seeing him.    Here's a YouTube Video in case you've never heard his grisly voice.  He put on, as usual, a great show, with the only complaint being .... way to short !
We then set up our camping spot at the Acura Stage and wandered off to look at the art in the Congo Marketplace.   My two 'BEST' picks for the second weekend are .....   (drum roll)

Ron Witherspoon under business name of Rondell Fiber Art.    His works are incredible, every single fiber calling for attention.   I went back three times to see them again.   If I currently had the dollars to purchase a piece of original art, this would be my first choice.    Not only is Ron's work astounding, his demeanor within the area was both humble and proud.

My second favorite is Carl M Crawford, under business name of CMC Fine Arts, LLC.    Carls' work is collage; and its incredible.   He is literally painting (composing) fabulous Fine Art Pictures using 100 torn  glossy magazine pages.    Approaching from a distance I was drawn by the actual, but subtle, lines on the art pieces; they create a unique form of texture.   I would not have guessed they were combined torn pages from magazines until this was specifically brought to my attention.   Although the works are remarkable, Carls marketing approach was overly aggressive, which ruined the enjoyment of viewing his works and we, rather quickly left. 

If you have a few minutes, you might want to browse these artists work.   I'm sure you'll not be disappointed.

Then back to the Acura Stage to See Ivan Neville's Dumpstafunk, Government Mule and the Opening half hour of Wide Spread Panic.   All three shows were Very Good, and the best part of Local Thursdays at the Acura Stage is the crowd is much smaller.

We ended the day by moving back to the Blues Tent to see the Blues Travelers.   I've been half and half on this group (not sure whether I liked them or not), and was looking forward to this show to base a real life decision ... whether to add their music to my CD Changer, or not.     Well, it didn't go too well.  We set our chairs up on the edge of the tent and patiently waited for the show to start.  Large crowds gathered behind us, packing in.   When the band started, the sound (speakers are obviously placed for those within the tent) was very poor, with primarily the base only coming through strong.   With semi-disappointment, we headed home.   I suppose I'll just go to Firefox FM Radio and station them up to develop my further opinion.

We are not attending Friday or Saturday Jazz Fest, but will be back for Sunday. 

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