April 22, 2010

Pine Island Rookery and Bird Fest Social

Each year we volunteer to help with the Pine Island Event for the Northlake Nature Center,  Great American BirdFest.  

Pine Island Rookery is a private property.  They have been allowing the Northlake Nature Center to bring in a group of birders once a year as part of the bird Festival.   Folks come from near and far to attend.     I do not have camera equipment capable of close-up shots of these birds, however, this picture might give you an idea of the magnitude of these nesting beauties .... 

Yep, each of those little white dots is an egret nest with occupants.   And, this picture represents only a small section of the nests, which are in cypress trees over a section of swamp. 

And, you can always tell when there is incredible birding opportunity, when almost all the pictures of the attendees have binoculars at eyes !

 If you are in the community next April, I highly suggest you sign up.   This is a once in a lifetime experience that you'll remember forever.

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Lana Gramlich said...

One of these days I SWEAR I'm going to check this out. Unfortunately I ended up with pneumonia a little while back & am still recovering.