April 22, 2010

Is My Blog Reader Working Now ?

I've received a couple message advising that my Blog is not feeding to the Readers, causing some frustrations and/or irritation.   Well, although it's very sweet to hear that not reaching my blog COULD be a frustration, it also meant that I was going to have to face the reality that I probably messed it up myself.    About a month ago I was playing with my previous (and still pending) issue that 18 months worth of posts disappeared, and changed some settings trying to fix that problem and I think it was then that it fell apart. 

I'm not highly html and feedburner literate.   But I did sit here for a couple hours last night to figure it out.    So, I reset my RSS feeds.   To receive (since my account address within feedburner seems to have changed), you might have to delete me and resubscribe.  Or, perhaps it will just work.  I don't know, but I'm hoping it is fixed and I don't have to fret over htlm any longer ... as least this month. 

Is it fixed?   Is it working in your reader ??   Let me know, okay ?


paula said...

your labor has paid off. i was delighted to wake up, check my google reader and find a post from you. you are now back on my blog sidebar :) whoo hoo!

CTStudios said...

Oh, Thank God, because if I had to read any more Google directions that don't quite line up, I was going to be loosing it !