April 18, 2010

The Big A .... A Continuing Saga

 Every Spring I go out into the yard to review the status of all my yard art creations.   All of them need bleached and washed, some need new hanging wires or repainted, some (particularly if wood, and not concrete based) have warped and are ready for their next journal ... to the dump. 

Which, brings me to the Big A ... (otherwise called the monstrosity) in the backyard.  I'll start with a brief recap for those of you not familiar with my 'yard art gone wrong' project.
Summer, 2005:   I had a vision for a concrete & mosaic sculpture, which I was going to call 'Lonesome Road'.  A built a form using roof flashing on a sheet of plywood (as well as a rectangular base for it to set on), and poured the concrete.   A month later, after curing, the big reveal showed it did not anywhere meet my vision for 'Lonesome Road.    In reality, to me, it appeared to be a Big A.   We set it up in the yard to think about it for awhile. 
August 30, 2005:   Hurricane Katrina blew through and dropped a big tree on it, knocking it over, but not hurting it all.  
Spring 2006:  Cleaned it up and decided to mosaic it anyway.   Put together a plan, got some glass ready and started.   By June, decided I didn't like it and stopped. 
Spring 2007:   Cleaned it up and chiseled off the glass.
Spring 2008:  Decided to try a more random mosaic and again began apply glass.  By June, decided I didn't like it and stopped.
Spring 2009:   Cleaned it up and chiseled off the glass.

Spring 2010:   Enough is enough ....   I purchased some paint that will cover up the imperfections and get it over with!

So, one might ask, do I like it now.   NO; not really.   But, it does look better and it kind of fades into the color of the background fence, making it not quite as big of a sore thumb.    And, truth be told ... it's permanent; I'm certainly not hauling it up to the front for the garbage men to haul away ....  


Lana Gramlich said...

Unfortunately, despite being subscribed to your blog feed, it seems I'm not getting notified of your new posts. I'll delete the subscription & re-add it. Hopefully that fixes the problem.

paula said...

my goodness...i have to admire your tenacity. starts and stops and do overs. i was laughing out loud...(sorry but its funny from over here but if it were me i'd be fuming)
so if this was concrete, how did it get that cool rusty look to begin with?