April 17, 2010

Ms Leis reinvented as Muse of Bountiful Blessings

Prelude:  In preparation for another change to The Big A (which I'll discuss in another post), I stopped by K-Mart on the way home from yard sales and bought 5 cans of black spray paint and 2 cans of gray textured stone paint.   I thought I give the paint a try-out before tackling The Big A.

Ms Fleur-di-Leis :   Ms. Leis has spent much of her life being an after thought.  Back in those days when I was hand moulding concrete torso's, I decided to make one the full thickness.   And thus, this torso was created.    I didn't like her (at this thickness) much and so, she spent a couple a year or two hanging on the fence in a far corner of the yard.   Then, upon a long overdue whim, (Spring of '95 I think), I cleaned out the area and decided that I really must do something with the concrete torso (throwing her away just didn't feel like the right option), so I took her inside and painted her red with a black Fleur-di-Leis pattern.    Then, I took her back outside, to the opposite side of the yard and hung her back on the fence.    And, other than a month or so stint tucked away inside the shed for Hurricane Katrina, she's been on that fence.    I check her out frequently as a type of study -- durability of acrylic paint on concrete in full sun (versus a couple painted pieces I have in the shade).      She's pretty faded, making her a good candidate for a makeover.

So, I brought her down and cleaned her with a bleach solution and let her dry in the sun for a couple hours.   Then, sprayed her with a coat of black spray paint.   Dry for another hour and then sprayed with a coat of the Textured Stone Spray Paint.      Hummm .... boring; but, I suppose, better than she was looking.

Along her her new wardrobe, I moved her over to hang with the carved concrete dancers, a mirror experiment that's still holding up quite well and one of the concrete tub planters.   This area overlooks the tomato garden where she can be Beau's Muse of Bountiful Blessings.

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