April 17, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday, April 17th

I found myself debating this morning whether to get up and go see what was up in the Yard Sale world.   I've been a bit sleepless the last week, but, the sun was up and the birds were singing; so out I went.     I wouldn't say it was much fun, though; I visited 5 sales and when, I still didn't much find myself in the mood, just headed back home.

2 plastic storage containers; I typically find these just the right size for much of my found objects storage needs.   One was filled with pencils, which I'll donate to Grans; the other filled with markers, which I'll hold on to for Lilly -- perhaps within the next year she'll be ready for beginners coloring.
A small handful of paints; some acrylic, some tulip and a couple ink blotters.
4 decorative pins, which I now can't find where I put and didn't make the picture.
Expenditures ... a whole $1.25

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