May 29, 2010

Fabric Fireplace Cover (Screen)

This is my current fireplace screen. 
It's creation is etched in my mind.   I decided it was time for a new one in late August 2005.  
I had cut the MDF, painted the edges, and decided on the design and picked the papers for the paper collage design.    (It's suppose to be Japanese style Ginko fans).   At this specific time, Hurricane Katrina was in the Gulf and the media was calling for everyone to get out.   So, along with all the other important stuff (husband, son, cat) I grabbed the collage papers to give me something to do while we waited.  

The next day, in Memphis,  I transferred the design and cut out all of the pieces, while watching the devastation and aftermath of Katrina on TV.   It has was incredible short term distraction and I was thankful I'd brought them. 

Three weeks later, when we finally were allowed to return home, I finished the screen ... and there it's been ever since; except at Christmas, I cover it with wrapping paper.

But, I've grown quite tired of it; it was never that great to begin with.   So, I'm going to move it off to the attic (I'll keep the frame; it might be useful for something else in the future), and start a new one. 

Beau cut down a piece of MDF for me the actual size of the opening (43" by 32").   I selected three different pieces of upholstery fabric as they blend nicely with my room decor, and printed a fleur-di-leis pattern, which will become part of the central motif.  Other than the fleur-di-leis, there is no master plan.   We are just going to see what happens.

So far, I've cut three panels of the brown textured fabric and transferred the fleur-di-leis pattern to the center of each.   I've machine stitched the pattern into the center of each.   I also cut panels to go on each side of the fleur-di-leis panels and added quilting stitching to each of the X's.
I'll continue tomorrow.

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Lana Gramlich said...

Clever idea! I love the fabrics you've picked out for your new project. Very cool.