May 30, 2010

Ancient History in my Bellsouth Personal Web Page

Way before I had a blog, I maintained an Arts Diary on the Bellsouth Personal Web Pages.  These were my early years of experimenting with mosaic, glass and concrete.  I maintained this online diary between August 2002(when I discovered the ease of documenting online, versus writing in journals),and July 2006, when I discovered more user friendly platforms.     The diary entries were maintained in a calender, where I posted about each individual project daily.     You are welcome to look, if you wish. 

Bellsouth was our Internet Provider and they gave us the web space for free.  They were later bought out by AT&T and the space has remained.  

I want to check on it yesterday and I couldn't gain access to the site, it wouldn't allow me to sign in, which meant I couldn't access the entries.   I called AT&T, who told me the servers were shut down  in February and everything in the web pages was gone.   When I protested (as I'd been there a month or so ago), I was directed to another department, who directed me to another department, who directed me back to the first department I had talked with.   Yep, the Corporate Run-Around.   Lots of chickens with bit-parts and no one with the overall picture. 

So, I searched for info in online forums and generally wasted my entire morning, and then ..... drum roll please .... it let me in and everything was there, just like I'd left it.   I sure wish I knew what I did in case this happens again.

But, the point here is, a number of forum posts made it pretty clear that AT&T are going to take this platform down sometime in the (perhaps near) future.   Which means, I've got to go to the work of transferring it, or loosing it, which I hate to do.      So, I've decided that I'm going to transfer it here, as ancient history.

I don't know how this will impact Readers, if it will show up, or not because the entries will be backdated.   I hope it won't be a nuisance. 


jane p said...

I did go read a few of your Bellsouth entries. This one's funny. You sacrificed Beau's coleslaw bowl to make a mushroom cap!

Lana Gramlich said...

Ah, "customer service." *snort* My sympathies for your wasted time & effort. Glad you got in, regardless!