June 03, 2010

Free Stitch Samplers

For the last couple of weeks I've been wanting to paint, but have needed to finish off a couple things (you know that  fireplace screen and large light box).   And, of course, there is always that constant cleaning involved in trying to keep a defined space under control.      I have several goals for the month of June (and probably running into July).  

  • Experiment with a variety of fabric collage techniques ... mixed media
  • Paint up a few sets of the graffiti placemats (one which will become a wedding gift for a niece)
  • Paint and design the three art guitars brought home from yard sales last month 
  • Paint the concrete God Masks (4).  

Yes, that should keep me occupied for awhile. 

So, I started this morning with a couple of simple collage samplers.   I've never done any free stitching and decided simple was the best place to start.

  • I cut two pieces of around 9 x 12" lightly patterned white fabric, as well as backing and stitched them together.
  • I pulled out a couple small containers of acrylic paint and dappled some on to each piece, here and there, and let it dry for a short time.
  • Tore a couple small pieces out of Beau's morning newspaper and added them randomly to the fabrics using gel medium.  
  • Threaded up the machine and randomly stitched.  

There was not overall plan, just an exercise to get me to thinking about possibilities.  I'll probably hang on to them for a few days to consider and then pass on to ..... I don't know.  

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paula said...

i like that top one. its cool.