May 09, 2010

Large Window Light Box ... continued

This piece of art came to a screeching halt at 95 % complete.   To recap ...

Using clear silicone caulk, attached each cut stained glass square (6 x 6 & 6 x 6 1/2) to the inside pane.
Using wood screws, attached metal brackets on the four outside corners for additional support.
Using the Dremel, ground out and opening on the bottom for the electrical cord.
Attached hardware on side edges and 50 pound weight hanging wire.
Attached florescent light fixture.

The finished piece weighs 20 pounds.  I decided this I rather hang the piece in the front entry versus the guest room so we could enjoy it, which changed the hanging from horizontal to vertical. 

Beau helped me hang it up, and I plugged it in and stepped back to for the first appreciative glance and .... UH OH ... either the florescent light is to bright or I should not have choose glass quite this translucent ... or both.   

I thought about changing the florescent light out to small clear Christmas lights stapled into the insides, but decided that  would also not work well as the wires would be clearly visible.   I think the only possible fix will be clear tube lights.     So, the next day we headed off to Home Depot for tube lights.   But, alas, they consider them a seasonal item ... available for Christmas decorating.   I looked online and found I could buy a 6 foot set for about $27.    Excuse me, but that is robbery.   At Christmas they sell for less than $5.    So ... on hold.

But, at least, it still looks decent without the light.   I'm going to keep it hanging in the entry as I have a tendency for 'out of sight, out of mind'.    I know there is an answer.


Lana Gramlich said...

I have a potential fix...
What if you put a layer of paper on the back of the glass? That might help diffuse the light, at least.

CTStudios said...

Lana, Beau & I spent a bit of car time talking about your suggestion ... and, think you might have the perfect solution. It's on tap for Tuesday; going to take it off the wall and give the first try with tissue paper. I'll post an update.

Thanks ....