May 08, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday, 5/8/10

There wasn't a large number of yard sale ads in Thursdays' paper, most likely due to Mothers Day, which worked out fine, as I again, had only an hour and a half set aside for the weekly event.    The paper had been recycled, so just set out on my historical yard sale circuit ... Hwy 59 to 1088 to Sault to 190 and then home.   It's really more of a squarish rectangle, but that is totally beyond the point. 

I visited 9 yard sales, 5 of which, turned out to be right in our Subdivision (with only one sign at the entrance).     The only find that made it home was this sad looking (child size) guitar.   It has no strings and the paint is a bit scratched, hopefully signs that is was a well loved toy.  The price was perfectly right at $1.

I'm taking the fact that I found this guitar today, the those other two last weekend, as a sign that I'm supposed to be creating a new set of wall art guitars.   So, I've lined them up in my studio space and I'm waiting for a lightening bolt full of inspiration to come back and strike me at any moment.   (Might be best, though, if it waits until next week as we are going to be out for a couple days).

Which brings me to the point of opportunities lost.   I've had two of these in the last week and it is bothering me greatly.    It's like this .... I've collected so much stuff for potentially art that it's begun to take over my life.   So, as a result of this acknowledgment, I'm becoming a whole lot more selective about what I drag in.    This has resulted in two lost opportunities of late.

Lost Opportunity 1)  a week and a half ago I was wandering through the Restore and happened across a rack and a set of pool balls.  The price was right @ $5.00, but I kept thinking ... ya right; and what am I going to do with these besides drop them into inventory.  Three days later I had a really great idea, jumped into the car and headed back to the Restore.   Of course, they were gone.

Lost Opportunity 2)  At one of the last yard sales yesterday I came across a set of 4 low (maybe 6" tall x 8" wide and round) chunky furniture feet for a whole $2.   Same thing.   I looked; I thought; I looked some more and, in the end, I walked off without them.    This morning I awoke thinking how great they would be with a hole drilled down the center ... painted, stacked, wrapped, etc. etc. etc.

So, I vow, for at least the next few weeks when some really catches my interest I'll just pick it up and bring it home.    Period. 

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jane p said...

Lorrie, you sound like a yard sale addict! When I shop, if there's LOVE, I always get it.