May 18, 2010

Road Trip, Day 4 & 5 - Homeward Bound

We hit the road back towards home after breakfast at Denny's. (We were both good and ordered meals without the pancakes).  The lightly tossed goal for the day was to visit 6 Flea Markets, and hopefully make it as far as Interstate 10W.

The first flea market came upon us quickly, in Daytona.   We spent about an hour wandering through looking at mostly vendor junk (with appearance of dollar store close-outs), and a really nice looking produce area.  We made it back to the car with only a bag of Kettle Corn and some of those dryer balls (that are supposed to make your clothes dry faster).     We produced about another 50 miles up the road and came across another (don't remember the town).  It was much junkier.   This one had a few real fleas (stuff folks brought from home that they didn't want anymore).   It still wasn't meeting my expectations and, the temperature was moving into the upper 80s with the humidity about the same.    Enough for me.   Time to hit the freeway and make some tracks towards home. 

We stopped for the night in Tallahassee and then got up early the next morning and came the rest of the way home (about 5 hours).

We should be home for awhile, although I'm sure Beau would be quite happy to be planning another trip for next week (he loves to go). 

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Lana Gramlich said...

Welcome home. I hear you on the heat & humidity. My photography days (out hiking) are turning towards painting days (staying in the A/C.)