May 22, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Slow yard sale day in our immediate area today; the paper showed most were up in Covington, and although it's only 6 miles up the road, it's always good to establish limits on such foolishness, or it really could get out of town and I could be headed off to the 100 mile yardsale they have up there, somewhere (NC and TN, I think).

All told, visited 6.

  • A big box of crayons
  • A ratty box with assorted sewing supplies.  The box I've already thrown out, it was in very poor condition and I really don't want a sewing box.   But the sewing supplies was worth $1.
  • A tween embroidery set.   I picked it up (25 cents) for the bag of embroidery threads.   The woman then pointed out the booklet that goes with it, which is full of beginner stitches, which should come in as a handy refresher since I'm still busy stitching away on my Padillies.  

At the last stop I came across a woman's mannequin head, from the upper neck up, complete with a head full of hair.   I figure it must have been used in beauty school or something like that.  I kept looking at it and thinking about the couple times recently that I'd walked off from something because I couldn't think of any use and then later greatly regretted it.    After several minutes of contemplation, I decided that I could use her to model hats, should I create some.   But then, I started thinking about how I already made a couple hats and they didn't turn out so well and they really were not much fun ... so I walked off and left her.    I'm sure I'll be regretting it before the weekend is over.  

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jane p said...

I sooooo wanted the mannequin head! You have no idea how lucky you are with all the yard sale to go to.