June 19, 2010

Other than Padillies, A Wasted Week

When we returned from the last Road Trip, I'd received a Jury Duty Summons.   I suppose it was about time; it has been about 6 years since my last visit to the Jury Pool.   So, Monday, exactly as requested, I made my appearance and dutifully sat around all morning.   I was assigned to a Jury Pool starting Wednesday.   Tuesday, Beau and I completed a whole list of chores, which have been patiently waiting, and then, again on Wednesday, I returned to the Jury Pool, only to have the plaintiff plead out at the last minute.  

Then, I was happily strolling back to the car, when, for no apparent reason, I fell off the edge of the asphalt (which sits a couple inches higher than the easement) and severely sprained my ankle.   Ouch.  I inched back to the car, made it home and hence, have been mostly sitting on the couch, foot elevated, every since.    Talk about boring.   Why is it that sitting around doing little to nothing can make one so tired?    I've watched television (of which I' not that fond), work on the computer, read and sew on a Padilly.   Oh, and yes, sleep and eat; way to much of the later.  

But, I did make some good progress on four Padillies.   These are in stage 4, now missing only beads and accessories.   
The current plan is they (12 total) will be combined into two wall hangings, which will be called Padilly Family Tree.  I'll also write a story page for each of the characters, along the Family Tree theme.  That will be, I'm sure, quite awhile down the road. 

The ankle is make good progress; the swelling is coming down and it no longer looks like an extension of my calf, but still very bruised and tender.   Tomorrow I plan on moving off of full time couch duty and perhaps, assume a schedule of 1 hour on, 1 hour off.    I'll have to see how it goes.


jane p said...

Lorrie, so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope it was a murder case(!) you were jurying for which sorta led to your ankle spraining. We don't have jury system here in S'pore. It's the judge who decides and there's appeal system if u disagree with the judgement/sentence. Your "faces" are looking pretty good! Wouldn't the "faces" look scary when they are joined together as wall decor??

Lana Gramlich said...

So sorry to hear about your ankle! That totally sucks. Feel better soon.