August 16, 2010

Blue Floral Vase

Periodically, I get in this downsizing mode.  The ultimate desire being to have only those things that we love, or those things that we use; disposing of all the clutter.  Much easier said than done, as you might imagine.  Well, I'm back in this phase.   (In fact, I'm so in this phase that I haven't even been going to yard sales !).   So far, through the last week, I've turned over 5 boxes of stuff to the Restore and listed a small variety of listings in Ebay.  

Along these general lines, I found myself thinking about all that stuff in the attic.  See, when I used to finish art projects, I'd dispatch them off to closets, and then, when the closets were, full, Beau would haul to the attic for me.    This morning, I asked him to go up and bring down one box from the 'art' section, with the perception that I would take whatever it was and make a decision on what to do with it ... and then do it.  

He came down with this box, which was marked Blue Floral Vase.

It was my handwriting, but Blue Floral Vase certainly was not ringing any bells.    A couple quick swipes of the box knife, and there she is ...

And whoa ... a whole lot of remembering going.  

I purchased a set of china, believe the name was Blue Rose, at a yard sale at a give away price.  It seemed much to nice to chop up for mosaic tiles, so I sold it on Ebay for $150.   Unfortunately, I either didn't pack it well enough, or the Post Office over manhandled it, and a number pieces were broken.   The buyer sent it back to me, I refunded her money and filed my claim with the Post Office.    Interestingly enough, they gave me the majority of china, somewhat broken, back.   So, in the end, I still had the china and spread it out and processed all of it into mosaic tiles. 

I created this vase with that china, along with some solid plate glass in white and blue.   She is grouted in white.  She weighs 6 1/2 pounds (certainly heavy enough to hold a large bouquet), stands a proud 10 1/2" tall, is 26" around at the middle and narrows to a small opening of 3" across.  

Now, I said I was going to decide what to do with whatever came down TODAY.   What pressure.    I thought that I should take pictures and put her in my CTStudios shop, but in the end, that means that she would go back into storage of sorts .... ah gosh ... this deciding in a day suck !

Perhaps I'll send her to my sister; I've not given her a vase and this one would certainly be a surprise.

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Lana Gramlich said...

Funny how things can just snap you back in time like that. It's happened to me working at the library, reorganizing the children's books. "Runaway Bunny"? BAM, I'm back to 5 years old...