August 17, 2010

Duck On In ; Day Two of the Box A Day Mission

 Beau, in preparation of my 'clear a box a day' from the attic mission had set one at the edge yesterday, so this morning, all he had to do was climb half way up and grab the box, delivered to me with a smile.

Duck On In written on the side of the not very heavy box.    Vaguely familiar, but if there had been money stacked on my being able to describe the contents, I'd be a few dollars shorter.   So, again, grabbed the box knife and cut it open.   Carefully wrapped in paper and placed amongst a bunch of styro-foam beads ...

 Well yes, I do remember this piece.   Beau had a set of coffee cups with Ducks on them when I married them.   After looking at them for a good 10 years or so, I was getting ready to add these to the donation box when the Duck On In thought struck and I headed with them out to my studio, where I cut those ducks right out of the cup and put it all together on this very simply wall plaque.   The back is signed and dated February 2002, before I'd started the Art Diary, so it was completely undocumented.  

What to do with it ... well, decided to list it out on Ebay for a Very Reasonable cost, as putting it back in the attic isn't going to be an option.     If it doesn't sell in the week, I'll place it in the Box for the Habitat Restore.