August 21, 2010

Fabric Beaded Necklace, No More

A couple times last year, as you may recall, I created Fabric Beaded Necklaces from a variety of vintage scarves and fabrics.     I took these with me to a couple craft fairs and then put in my CTStudios shop.      A couple sold at the art/craft fairs, and although they garnered a lot of views in the shop, their were no further sales. 

I've been thinking about these for awhile ... along with the charm and fabric bracelet items in my shop.   I mostly think that they are out of par with what I create.   They were a fun little sidetrack, but largely not what I'm about, or what I create.    So, I decided to just get rid of them and then I wouldn't have to ponder the thought any more.     Kind of like one more act of downsizing, I suppose.  

So, I pondered the options ...

  • Garbage ... well no, they certainly do not warrant that extreme of a measure ...
  • Donate to Grans or Restore .... good option 
and then ..... I was thinking that the other thing on my list today was to get a box ready to ship the Big Blue Rose Vase to my sister.    And, just like that, the answer.  

I took all these sweet little fabric beaded necklaces (that, honestly, probably went out of style in the 90s ... I'm always just a little bit out of date) and stuffed them into the Vase!    I'll send most of them to my sister.    (She is a psychologist at a Veterans Home (Men & Women), and I thought, perhaps, she could give them out to some of the ladies when they were in need of some cheer ... or give to her local Goodwill, or whatever.  I put two in my closet ... perhaps I'll wear them someday, and I put two in Lilly's future dress-up box. 

Whew ... closed up the box and felt so accomplished .... one more act of downsizing and no more seeing something in my shop, that really doesn't belong there.  

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