January 18, 2011

Definitely Not the Summer Garden Applique Wall Hanging

A couple weeks ago, searching for inspiration, I picked up a lot of 23 quilt/applique patterns on Ebay. The picture of the lot was somewhat vague, but when you are in search of inspiration, one must start somewhere. They came in and I placed them on the table of my workbench (where I've been processing patterns) and have been glancing through them.

After much consideration, I decided to start with this one.  (Notice how the two example pictures are just floating ... one over the table and one in the chair seat ... what's up with that!). 
I started to evaluate the fabrics in my cabinet, when I decided that all I really liked about this pattern was the flowers.    (Well, perhaps the birds too, but that will have to be some other day).    So ....

I selected and cut a piece of fabric.  
Next, I pulled out the acrylic paints and added a little color. 
Then, selected fabrics and cut out two flowers, their centers and some misc. leaves.

To be continued ....

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