February 07, 2011

Vintage 1970s Mens Sewing Patterns; A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Awhile back I picked up a box of Mens Vintage patterns, some from the 1960s, but most from the 1970s.   Being a teen from the 1970s, I'm finding the fashions fun, and some of the models immensely attractive.

This one is fashionably bold with just a hint of arrogance.  Vest, with an optional belt, and pants.

                                                               Vogue 9374 -
This mens caftan is basic, and quite sexy. I like at both lengths and thinks the hood is a great extra touch for use in getting out of the shower.  Shorten it to hip length, add a couple more ties, and you'd have somewhat Jim Morrison tunic.

This is the  very classic Donny Osmond look.  This vest and shirt is what the Mothers wished their sons were wearing.
Simplicity tried to make this appeal across styles.  We've got a bit of the late 60s bad boy and a little bit of hippie plaid.   These jean jackets come back periodically.   I wouldn't be surprised to see a return soon.

Sew Lovely M36C -
 Okay, so it is a timeless fashion.  Titty Whities do not change much, but the model is such fun.   Notice that he has that fine head of hair and mustache, but not another hair on his body.
 Simplicity 5161 -
Cuffed pants are gaining polularity, as is the band and vent on the back of the jacket in this three piece suit.
McCalls 3521
This sports jacket is starting the conversion to the more casual shirt-jacket.  

Simplicity 9435
This is a combo pattern (Mens & Misses) with alot going on.   Lace-up ties, long rounded collar, wide cuffs, puffy long sleeves.   There just a little swashbuckler and a little Robin Hood. 

Simplicity 8255
Low waisted, hip-hugging, bell bottoms.   Need I say more?

More Hip-hugging, bell bottoms pants with a little extra - patch pockets and front button fly.

Simplicity 8823 -
This is a great cargo kinda shirt.  But, what had me going was the man in blue with those shorts.   Why did men's short shorts go away?  And, when are they coming back?

Hope yo enjoyed this short Fashion Show.


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