February 06, 2011

What about those Coconut Lyrics - Widespread Panic

Do you every get hung up on Song lyrics?   We were leaving the Chinese Restaurant yesterday afternoon, Margaritaville was tuned on the radio since Beau was at the wheel (driver gets to choose the music).   I'd never heard the song playing, but a couple lines of the lyrics jumped out and hit me. 

"I have a friend named Jack,
Looks like he was born in a Paper Sack"

Born in a paper sack?   Just what would one look like if they were born in a paper sack?   I asked Beau, who persumed that would mean they were VERY white in that no light would be exposed in a paper sack.    I didn't question him further.    Like really, is there much light in the womb?  Or, how about our natural inherited pigments.  I found myself thinking about it off and on all afternoon.    Later, when Alex came through, I suggested he ponder on the idea at work and we could talk about it later.   He gave me that 'ya right' look. 

So, several hours later, I did a Google; I thought I'd see what other folks thought it meant.    The first site I pulled up said the line was
"I have a friend named Jack,
Look like a bone in a paper sack". 

U-Turn. Now I'm wondering what one would look like if they were a bone in a paper sack. 

I continued searching Google and I think that 'Jack was born in a paper sack'.  At least that's the way Widespread Panic actually play it. 

So, what do you think you'd look like if you were born in a paper sack.   No response required, however, I must admit I'm interested in what you might think.


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