February 26, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday, 2/26/2011 Athena 2000 Sewing Machine

It's been quite awhile since I've been out on my yard sale circle. It's been cold, and, frankly, I've just not felt like it.

But today, the sun is up and it's warm. Beau is training for the upcoming Crescent City Classic and was going on a fast walk between the two trailheads. So, I had extra time between dropoff and pickup and decided to check out a couple yard sales versus going home for 30 minutes.

AND, I'm so glad I did. I was recently pondering buying a new sewing machine, but was holding off trying to figure out what I wanted. But, that all changed when I found this beauty this morning.
 She's a Singer Athena 2000 from 1976.   She's about 30 pounds and came in a heavy (heavy vinyl) case with 8 different foot attachments, 4 different plates, a ruffler, extra bobbins, and a small assortment of sewing accessories.    They had the price listed at $150 and I offered $100 with the agreement that I could bring it back (they were in the neighborhood) if it didn't work well.     Needless to say, my next stop (right after picking up Beau, of course), was the bank for the $100.   It even had the original Instruction and Applications booklets, along with the certificate of warranty for 30 years.   Now, the warranty is expired, but imagine when sewing machines came with a 30 year warranty.  

I brought it home, set it up.   I had to read the booklet to figure out how to thread it.   And .... I'm a really happy camper !   It sews beautifully.     There were a couple of receipts for buttons and zippers for 1990, so I'm assuming this has been in storage for a very long time.   On Monday, I'm going to take it over to the Sewing Machine Shop and have it maintainced and lubed just to start out on the right foot.  

I'm not sure, but I think I just committed to do some sewing !

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