February 23, 2011

Diva Cloth Doll - Hearts & Bows

I selected the next Craft Pattern to experiment with.   It is Diva Cloth Doll Creations - Hearts & Bows .....
This is a simple two piece pattern, the body and the head.   You sew the head to the body and then sew the front and back pieces together leaving a very small 1 1/2" hole at the top to turn inside out, and some weighting crystals, stuff, etc.    There are directions for the pillow looking piece, but nothing mentioned about the piece that appears to be a wall hanging .. like what to attach to her to hang, what the bottom piece is, or how to attach.   I give the instructions a straight C - adequate, but plenty of room for improvement.   

The instructions indicated to put it all together and then adorn.   I thought it might be better to sew on some designs first, but understand now why that is done over the fact ... it simply increased the bulk to fit through the small opening.  

The face is added using sharpies, pencils, or whatever you want.  The hair is made from strips of fabric, which you get damp and wrap around a pencil.  Then, slip off and dry in the microwave.   It's then glued to the head and a bow added.    I don't know how long this would hold the curl with the humidity level. 
I didn't do much adornment as I considered this a first attempt a learning experiment ... which it was.   I cut out two more and I'll practice some more tomorrow.  I'll definitely stay stitch the head opening, double stitch all the seams (she has neck issues; kind of like Frankenstein) and try adding liquid starch to the hair curls.   

So ... Drum Roll Please .... 

I know, I know ... a raving beauty she's not.  

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