March 13, 2009

Charm Bracelets and alot of being sidetracked

Around 10am, decided I was going to spend a day or two putting together some charm bracelets. This seems like a logical move as my beads and found objects containers are almost overflowing. Need to create something with them so that I can, at least, move these items to another container ... finished items.

But, did I mention sidetracked .... I had just pulled out the 'chains' container (where I put all those chains I find at yard sales), and selected a few, when .... my dearest Farmer Beau ... shows at the back door with an entire bucket filled with Green Onions from the garden. It seems the jest of our household is Beau is responsible for the veggies until the are brought inside. Then, they are my problem ... uh, woops ... opportunity. So, I found myself standing at the sink washing probably 4 pounds of green onions .... what to do with them .... freeze, give away (did I mention there is probably another 4-5 pounds waiting to be pulled). Then, inspiration hit me and I pulled out the dehydrator and cut all those little onions into slices. They will be wonderful in future soups, stews, etc. And then, since I'm already in the kitchen and it's almost 11:30am, I cook up some Broccoli Cheese Soup and then we have lunch, and then we do the dishes and clean the kitchen and then I go to the Gym (with a quick stop by Grans, where I find a wonder red scarf that will be perfect for something), and then back to my studio to continue working on the bracelets. Gosh, it's 3pm !!!

But, was able to make some design decisions and work on two of them.

Big day tomorrow .... Yard Sale Saturday !! Sure hope it doesn't rain.

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