March 13, 2009

Enough Fabric / Scarf Necklaces, for now anyway

Over the last three days I created 13 of these necklaces, to go along with the 10 I created a month or two back, for a total of 23 to take to the Beads & Baubels Show.

I took photos of the 13 new necklaces this morning, and then pulled out the other 10 and applied sales tags and descriptions to all ... getting them ready. The only thing left to do is decide how I want to display them in the tent ..... hummmmm

All but three of the necklaces are created using the scarves from my yard sale finds. The three not scarves ... one is a heavy silk, one a tapestry material and one a medium weight cotton. Of these, I like the scarves the best. I find the fabric ones are a bit stiffer on the ties. Don't get me wrong, they are attractive and great necklaces ... just a bit stiffer to tie. I did learn that the scarves have to be of a certain weight ... the shears shred in the cutting process. (Or, perhaps, I just need to upgrade my sissors .... again, hummmm ).

I'm not planning on creating anymore before they show. This number should be adequate to determine if there is community interest in these, as well as give the shopper some variety to choose from.

I'll be posting these in my Artfire shop, as well, as I go through the next week ... evening TV time activity.

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