March 10, 2009

Fabric Necklaces, some yes and some no

For the last two days I've been creating Fabric Necklaces. Actually the fabric is the vintage and/or upcycled scarves from my yard sale finds .... I've created 7 so far. It's continuing to be a learning experience. In addition to the 7, I've thrown out 3. With this group, I've learned that some of the scarf fabrics are too fragile for sewing. Discovered this when the seams of one of the first (in this batch) of necklaces started coming loose while inserting the styrofoam balls. So, took up double stitching the bias and side seams. On the most fragile of fabrics, however, it didn't make much difference. Sew and learn !!!. I'll have to find a different use for these most fragile scraves.

I really like these. I think the variations of patterns on the scarves make for an interesting appearance. I have three more of the scraves that I've cut. Then, I'm going to open up the container of the vintage 60's fabric sitting in the corner and select a couple of those to try with regular lightweight fabrics. That is whats' on tomorrows slate anyway.

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